OctoMY™ Donations

Donate to the ready-to-run robot software.

Very Important

Donate to Ukraine

Before you even consider this project, please go to https://u24.gov.ua/ now and ensure Ukraine can win the fight for our democracy and freedom.

If Putin gets his way we will all suffer for it for generations to come.

OctoMY™ stands with Ukraina. SLAVA UKRAINA!

Donate via Patreon

You can donate to this project through Patreon.

OctoMY™ Patreon page

Donate via PayPal

You can easily make a one-time contribution using PayPal. Simply type in the amount you want to donate and press Donate!

Suggested Amounts

Amount Buys
$ 2 Energy drink (for those long nights hacking).
$ 7 A day of hosting for our online systems.
$ 42 Meaningful robot part like an actuator or sensor.
$ 69 Nice tool like screw driver set.
$ 1337 Leet tool like drill-press or band-saw.

Donate Gear

If you have a robot, parts or tools to spare, you can donate it or lend it to OctoMY™.

We are primarily interested in robots that are not well supported yet. Please see our supported hardware page for info on what robots are already supported. Parts and tools are always welcome,

Please get in touch and we will figure it out!

Please adopt us OctoMY™