About OctoMY™

All about the ready-to-run robot software.

What is OctoMY™?

  • OctoMY™ is a not-for-profit project with a mandate to become the leading software for any kind of hobby robots.
  • When you install the OctoMY™ Agent app on a phone and attach it to your robot, it gives it the ability to move about autonomously, communicate with other robots and people and many many more increadible features.
  • When you install the OctoMY™ Remote app on your phone, you can control virtually any toy or hobby robot running Agent.
  • When you install the OctoMY™ Hub application on your tablet or PC, you can command a fleet of Agents and get a rich overview.
  • This trio of apps gives your toy robots the ability to run state of the art AI models for an inconceivable amount of awesome sci-fi nerdyness.
  • OctoMY™ is open source so that everyone can hack on it for free and forever.
  • You can take part and engage with a well organized, growing and thriving community of fellow makers, developers, hackers and creators world wide to develop skills and bonds.

NOTE: While OctoMY™ already has these traits, we are still actively seeking participants to join the ongoing effort to create the first binary release.

Robots' rights

We work for robots' rights from the start.

If you actually read the mandate linked above you would also note that the OctoMY™ project actively promotes the rights of artificial beings. Yes that is right, our history is full of mistakes, let's not repeat them again.


The project consists of a set of distributed multi-platform apps written in C++ & Qt for running and controlling robots.

Deliverables will include stable binary releases for a series of supported platforms.

Current Status

The status of OctoMY™ is currently "continuously frantic development with occasional successful builds and new features added every day".

As with all overly ambitious projects, the code base has evolved in stages from a simple working prototype to a more self confident but prolonged cycle of development.

Here is the ever-growing list of features in full, and updated build status.

What's in a name?

OctoMY™ is a catchy and hopefully descriptive frankenword between octo - meaning "pertaining to 8" and anatomy- meaning " the bodily structure of an organism".

The first robot supported by OctoMY™ was the hexy robot kit

The emphasis on 8 is strictly historical as the initial robot that OctoMY™ was wirtten to support happened to have 8 legs. However the project is meant to work with any robot, limbed or not.

The word is a loose hyponym for Hexapod, the "leg" part should not be inferred, OctoMY is made for robots both big and small with any number of wings, tentacles, wheels threads or otherwise.


Official OctoMY™ logo in PNG image format

The Logo is a simplified graphical representation of an octopod (8-legged) robot, with the number 8 hidden as a shape. Also, the smiling face is literally from the initial goal of OctoMY, namely to "put a smiling face on your robot". Many alternate faces have been tried, but the first almost ironic face shape has stuck.