Ready-to-run robot software.

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What is OctoMY™?

OctoMY™ is the open-source, ready-to-run software that you should run on your next hobby robot.


OctoMY™ Agent
  • On robot
  • Controlled
  • Autonomy


OctoMY™ Agent
  • In hand
  • Real-time
  • Direct


OctoMY™ Agent
  • On desk
  • Cloud APIs
  • Scripting

What features does it have?

NOTE: OctoMY™ Is work in progress!

  • Control your robots from any device, mobile or not.
  • Drive them yourself, create plans for their behavior or let them roam autonomously.
  • Let your robots map their surroundings and recognize landmarks, objects and people.
  • OctoMY™ Is fast, stable and ultimately flexible.
  • It's maintains your privacy.
  • It has a friendly user interface for beginners while not getting in the way of the experts.
  • It is distributed by nature and allows for many complex configurations like flocking.
  • It is extensible, and the API will allow new features to be added with ease.

Where can I download it?

OctoMY™ is meant to be installed directly from your favorite app store, but this is not ready yet. You can install from binaries on this page or build from source in git.

Read more... OctoMY™ uses Gitlab.

How can I help?

You can contribute code, translations, design, testing, devices/hardware, suggestions or whatever else you can spare. OctoMY™ is meant to be a collaborative effort.

Read more... OctoMY™ needs you.

Where can I get help & documentation?

Documentation is available on this site. Help is available through these channels.

Read more... OctoMY™ is easy to use.